I Need my Job BACK !

Flying Beast

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    1. Megha Kanade

      Just give him his job back kyu hmesha asa hota h jo public k liye khada hota h usay punishment he milti h

    2. Patra soumik হৃদয়


    3. Patra soumik হৃদয়


    4. Abhishek Negi

      Sweet family :)

    5. Distilled Unknown



      I'm getting imotional because he sacrificed his job and career for people lives

    7. Prashant Tripathi

      .. You will win .. My and my friends n family request. Please make one full day vlog with Cute Bitiya .. Its lovely .. Thoda hasee mazaak bhi karo bhayee

    8. Jagpreet Singh

      Bhai janakpuri me rehte ho kya

    9. Vikrant Singh Kushwah

      Happy Birthday bhabhiii ji ♥️

    10. Aniket somvanshi

      Ye dekho gaurav ne apni job kho di ye purrre public ke jaan ke liye At last kuch hua nahi sirf sahi insaan ki barbaadi

    11. THE AsHU

      i will never fly with air asia

    12. Sudipta Sengupta PGDIM IFMA

      The reason you have stated is absolutely true. Companies will always proves that the employees are wrong barring they will raise their voice against all odds. Even they know its illegitimate still they will apply all evil powers against their #employees To reinstate you in #AirAsia it will project that organization has accepted their fault, so I will request you to move ahead with some other #Airlines. We all are going thru tough time including myself also. Best of luck.

    13. शिवम _

      11:09 😂😂😂 By -gaurav taneja 👍🏻

    14. Wizifer gaming

      1 sept ko tdm khela aur 2 ko ban ho gaya

    15. Mike Singh

      If Air Asia is putting a spoke in the wheel, why don't you try some other airline? What's the issue here? How about private business jets like Tatas, Ambanis etc?

    16. Deepak Acharjee

      Brother I'm your big fan from Arunachal Pradesh. Stay blessed.lv u bro

    17. Trika Syu

      Allah inki kaam ko wapas khol de.... Allah ho akbar.. Trust him brother u will get your job back.. U r true person

    18. Distilled Unknown

      We need pilots like him back in the sky! He has the talent, passion and integrity to make it to the topmost level in the aviation industry in the times to come including his pilot wife. Amazing couple God has brought together. The daughter one fine day will make her mark too. Kudos!

    19. Dr SGul

      Rashu my jaan love from Pakistan

    20. Sarma Ji

      We r with u sir..

    21. keith o arjun

      roj roj chutiyapa karna jaroori nahi hai.. waste of time

    22. Sangeeta Kar

      When u r getting ur job back?

    23. basundhara singh

      Aap larte raho ham aapke saath hain

    24. Supriya Mondal

      Tum pbg ia gost recon khelo gta 5 bekar he jada tar time bor ho jao gi

    25. Aaditya Mishra

      Now I will not become a piolet. My role model is suspended just because he stood for good cause.......

    26. Siddharth Roy

      India mien kuch shahi nahi hai kai logo ko apni jaan deni hogi yeh skies safe karne ke liye


      last wala line apka bahat achha tha.... hehehehe... don't argu with your wife..... actually wife is the PM of house..... :D :D

    28. deep films Ltd.

      If air Asia is not got I am not understanding why you want to go back to air asia only. U can go for a job in other airlines. Seriously I want a reply for this from you Mr taneja. Please reply. Because if you will join again u will get that unsafe environment.. Please send a reply for this Mr taneja..

    29. Rajeev Anand

      We need pilots like him back in the sky! He has the talent, passion and integrity to make it to the topmost level in the aviation industry in the times to come including his pilot wife. Amazing couple God has brought together. The daughter one fine day will make her mark too. Kudos!

    30. Cortez brysen

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    31. Sanu Sah

      Bhai u r doing it for rights n other safety but bhai scooty k left side mirror laalo it is also for ur safety.... Lot love for nepal n infinte for rashbhari n god bless her❤❤❤❤

    32. Ankur Tomar

      Aap ka religious thought mere ko boht achaa laga

    33. Ritika Gaur

      We all with you sir ❤😇

    34. aryan's objects

      Alleo ritu mam op🙏🙏

    35. Soham ingole

      6:16 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Aman Chauhan


    37. Inferno Gaming

      We are with you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    38. Error bsdk

      Last quotes hahahahha Funny dudeee Never 🤣🤣🤣

    39. Sanjeev Singh Tanwar

      O wow! The cutie is grown up now :) She is getting trained on the videography from the dad.........so cute ! God bless the family..........

    40. Ashwinee Yadav


    41. Aishwarya S

      Best vlog so far I have watched!!! Love how kaira is growing up and her learning and grasping and equations with others I feel like I know them 😅😅😅🙆


      Exactly the same case sir.. What I have faced... I was working in a Bank. I tried to raise my voice against the corruption which my seniors used to do. I raised my voice against the management about the issues. Nothing happened. I HAD TO PUT MY RESIGNATION. MORAL - ALWAYS STOOD UP FOR RIGHT... WHATVER THE DIFFICULTY YOU FACE GOD IS THERE...

    43. swaroop patil

      sir, now when will u get ur job back???\ we want to see u flying

    44. krit Jain

      Gaurav bhai dnt worry hum sab log sath ha

    45. krit Jain

      Hum sabko milke awaz uthaani chahiye gaurav ne hamari safety ke liye awaz utayee aaj hum logo ko ladna ha gaurav job back plz aap sab support karo

    46. Thushara Radhakrishnan

      You will forget whole tension with your kid

    47. Thushara Radhakrishnan

      Cute she is

    48. Vikramaditya Vikramaditya

      That's why i prefer indian airforce not commercial airs.

    49. Thushara Radhakrishnan

      Would you like to share your number, as my husband wants to talk to you

    50. Thushara Radhakrishnan

      My suggestion is don’t ever rejoin in the same airline

    51. Sreekumar Sree

      Why don't you go back to indigo??

    52. Mon Gaming

      WE are always with you Gaurav Bhai

    53. Anchla Vishnoi

      Kudos to you as u r a fighter..for a cause...very motivating

    54. Akash Edits

      Vlog mein aane ke liye log ghar apke pahunch jayenge lekin ye galat baat hai agr apka koi fan hai to apki baato ko bhi suna kisi bhi fan ke liye jaroori hai

    55. tapan kadyan

      8:53 bro she is saying respect elders 😂

    56. Prabhleen Singh

      Carrying own family needs responsibility, carrying hundreds of other families in an aircraft requires alot alot responsibility. His point is 1000% valid. 👍

    57. Sarvesh Saxena

      I respect your situation and also the intent behind your decision to bring this issue to public notice. Getting a job back may be legally possible depending on the court's decision. However, your effort to bring a company matter to blog in public has impacted your job status. I am not implying that you were wrong. But, for Air Asia this is a public disaster and they would not want to rehire someone who even for right reasons embarrassed them for their own good. I assume you have You Tube income to support yourself and it would be wise to apply in non flying positions of compliance in DGCA where you can really bring a change. This is because you see more than a normal competent pilot. You care for public safety and this reflects beyond your flying skills. You can be an Auditor if you achieve qualification. Just a suggestion :)

    58. Anmol

      JAI PAPI 😂❤️


      Don't worry sir ..but your daughter is so cute she looks like angel..

    60. Rituparna Sarkar

      One day you will get your job back.

    61. AMIT KUMAR

      Don't worry bro you will get your soon.

    62. सनातन संस्कृति

      यदि भ्रस्ट मानसिक रोग भुला दिया जाए, भारत विश्वगुरू बन जाए, संस्कार गवाने के परिणामस्वरूप जगह कोई भी हो मानवता का हनन होता है। गौरव मेरे भाई🙏 हर हर महादेव झूठे कभी नहीं जीत पाते केवल सत्य सबके सामने आता रहना चाहिए। जय हो🙏

    63. Kartikey Karnwal

      No. one of the world of this planet 😂😂😂

    64. Kishore Das

      Sir may air Asia book kiya tha lekin wo flight cancel kardiya gaya mene refund k liye apply kiya 1month hogaya but avitak mujhe refund nehi mila jab ki bola gaya tha 21days me refund ho jayega... Sir ap hume help karsakte hay agar ho saketo please mujhe mail karna email- kdas1902@gmail.com

    65. Karan Bisht

      Best vlogger keep growing ❤️god bless you and your family. ❤️

    66. Khushal Patil

      Ye dislike air asia ke he kya?😂😂

    67. Mithil Kadam

      ये इंडिया की जॉब इंडस्ट्री नहीं सुधर जाएगी आपको आऊट ऑफ इंडिया से बुलायेंगे

    68. Ahmed Khan

      How many years

    69. Ahmed Khan

      Cute baby

    70. Aakriti Ranjan

      Aaagyaa hai Jii ❤️🤨

    71. Down to Earth

      Hai bhaiya it's right

    72. N O R V A G

      Yar mere mummy Papa toh gallian dete ha aur kuch nhi aur when my brother was 3 year old they gave extreme abuse and now he is 7 and he even abuses me I am 7 years older than him

    73. KS Interiors 24

      Flying beast needs his job back ! To the only person who stood out of the crowd to say about our safety . Deserves much better!

    74. Birwa Thakkar

      Hey Gaurav, I seriously appreciate your honesty and if every employee follows this path then there will be no space left for employers to cheat or exploit employees.. the only thing which everyone should learn is "have courage to stand up and speak the truth". Well done Gaurav. I request the concerned authority to take him back as he has not done anything against the company policies.

    75. Azhar Shaikh

      8:58-- Rashu means respect others :)

    76. Abhishek Raj

      Flying beast tum lage raho hab sab tumhare saath hai

    77. TrisAa Dhimal

      M .a new subscriber of ur yutube channel nd I loved watching ur videos little baby is so cute ❤️❤️❤️ and u are such a loyal hearted person ever ... "ll be pray 🙏 Yu will get ur job back soon ..

    78. Nitesh Sharma

      Vacany aayi hue h krdo apply DGCA me 8.5 lakh PER MONTH ME

    79. vivek tiwari

      He should get his job back ASAP. PS..koi aise kisi ke ghar kaise pahunch jaata hai...main to aaj tak padosi ke ghar bhi bina 10 baar bulaye nahin gaya

    80. Vipin Lakra

      bhai m apko kuch thodi bot money send kr sakta hu ....or meri trh apke sare subscriber 200 ya 500 rs send krde to apko bot madad milegi is ladai ko ladne me....kyoki suru m sb apke sath dikhenge pr ye ladai lmbi h or is ladai m dheere dheere apke sath last m bot km hi log bachenge ....isliye m money send krna chahta hu agr ap apna kuch acc. no . ya or koi no. de de to

    81. james bond

      Sir 8:47 respect elders🙃

    82. Harsh SGaming


    83. Shagun Randhawa

      6:17 is just perfect😂🤣 (Ritu dii)

    84. karan busri

      Don't you think his vlogs are only a clickbait. Because kaam ki chiz sirf 1 minute hogi at the max, baaki time toh uss title se related hotaa hi nhi hai. Kya faayda......

    85. Chouthmal Saini

      Aap ko apni job jarur milegi ,blki usse bhut jyadaa.om

    86. Suhail Singh

      We can relate Air Asia with DSP Ramandeep . Both are doing the same mistake. We support Flying Beast and Elly Mangat as they both are fighting for us , leaving their jobs (passion) aside. #FullSupporta ❤️

    87. Ashish Kumar

      sir pta h sometimes i get emotional after seeing ur vlogs like these but i like them too as u give a vital information. M always with uh m ready to support uh at any difficulty even we 4 million subscribers ur family is alwayss with uh love u sir

    88. moon light

      According to you, Airasia is unsafe. Ab tumko Unsafe company mein job karni hai. 😆😆😆😆iska matlab wo company unsafe nahi hai.unsafe hoti to Tu phir us company mein job kyu mangta. 😆😆apni jaan risk mein daal kar. Lol

      1. moon light

        @Turbo Gaming lol. Nice joke😆😆😆

      2. Turbo Gaming

        Air Asia is not safe for passenger.....not pilots or captains

    89. Sagar Sambhav Mishra

      Maa ki behen

    90. TIM

      I don't know why but you don't seem like a person to be trusted.


      Your vlogs always make my mood good ❤

    92. Shahad Sorwar

      You have set an example of patriotism .love u brother from Bangladesh

    93. Dehradun vlogger kamla Bhandari

      Papa bhar jana hhhh cuteee

    94. Exploring boyssz ARS


    95. Exploring boyssz ARS


    96. FeatWidColors

      she was saying Respect others...how cute and such a well mannered baby..god bless

    97. Legit OT

      Your Still Alive?

    98. Sanjay tiwari

      Gaurav jihours latest update your job reinstates from air Asia.

    99. Fawad FAWAD


    100. Ray Fort

      We all love GT, but he is an untouchable in the industry right now, What he did was right, but all whistle blowers have paid a price, in India and every other country.