Sometimes I feel "I should stop" 🛑

Flying Beast

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    today was one of that day, where i did not feel like vlogging at all, if i am doing justice.
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    1. Vikrant Singh Kushwah

      Happy Birthday bhabhii ji ♥️


      After some days.. Where is air Asia Rashu - mau Le Gaya 🙂😂😁😂😂

    3. Nature & Knowledge

      We will see ur vedios untill rashi gets married..... Joking... All the vedios are the mood maker for me... I even wait for your vedios everyday

    4. girlish girl

      Just know that we will never get tired of you and your family. We love you so much. It's always interesting and the best thing is it never fails to bring a smile on my face no matter what. Keep going

    5. Anonymous Human

      Sir, we don't get bored with your videos, we actually learn many things about a proper Indian Family and stay Motivated.

    6. Beast Gaming

      5 : 26 , I use the same shampoo lol😂😂

    7. Sween Kaur

      According to me I like the videos which pretty pretty simple and not when they are full of content

    8. SPIDY


    9. Pallavi Singh

      Don't quit plz sir

    10. Taranjeet Kaur

      Mau become famous after ramayan😣🙈🙉🙊

    11. Taranjeet Kaur

      Don't give up no no no 🤓🤫😘😘😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    12. Sagar Sambhav Mishra

      Boss ki chatna band karo aur apne dum se use upar pohancho

    13. Manpreet Kaur

      I love your vlogs.. it's like an addiction to me..❤️ i love rashi saying papa dheemeee lalo oooooo

    14. Abha Agrawal

      No sir we love your vlogs plz don't stop it..

    15. RD Rajdeep

      We actually really really love this content so much even seeing Rashbhari ♥️ is just awesome 10 mnt spend for me and I think also for most of the audience of this channel your 10 mnt is 20 to 30 minutes for me 😁 I always see your vlog twice even mote than that 🌹🌹🌹♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘😘puchi lelo 😁😘😘😘😘

    16. Preeti Dhalla

      We all love your vlog we are not going anywhere

    17. S S

      When u think to quit remember why u started

    18. ANIL KUMAR

      I want to ask you please see your Jet airways Vlog

    19. Enlighten TV

      Your Vlogs is Our Daily HomeWork To Watch At Night🌃🌃💓💓💕💕😍dont think anything brother....u r best here and forever.... ❤️🎉🎉...

    20. Sushmit kadam

      We will never get bored of your videos

    21. Chaitali Gosavi

      No not at all... we actually started enjoying your this part vlogs... like it became our routine now.... we can watch you for 365 days like this... just hope that you will get your job back with compensation🙏🏻✨Ganapati Bappa bless u and your family✨🙏🏻 Lots of love from Dombivli❤️🙏🏻💃🏻✨

    22. Namrata Mohanpuria

      We r actually addicted to ur vlog.. its a part of our life...💝

    23. Ravi Soren

      Gaurav Bhai we don't have any complain Yaar apka vlogging sahi hai just keep it up

    24. Krutika Gavali

      Daily blog se ek point ke baad log bore ho jayenge definately kuch tho karo different bako ke blogger kar rahe hai for eg sambhavna seth

    25. SVR

      Btw surgical mask se sirf police se Bach sakte hain corona se nahi .

    26. Dreamy Canvas

      Sir...big fan of yours.....1k sawal tha...uppp video banate ho, uske baad usko edit karte hoooo, aur post bhi karte ho upp "off camera" maam ko aur payarisi Rashvari ko time kab dete ho......????? How you manage all this stuff ?? Btw sir big fan of and my girlfriend never miss a video of yours.... Please sir ans dena.....


      No please dont stop tumhare bina youtube kuch maja nahi ayega

    28. Rachit Kumar Sinha

      There is nothing wrong with these amazing vlogs sir! Your life is so simple, yet it becomes so interesting in these vlogs and so fun, because it's the truth and the reality. It's said that the most important thing in any task or project is its simplicity! And that holds true for your vlogs. Keep up this work sir! Love it!

    29. Rahul Mankotia

      Love you sir app jasa v ho boot acha ho

    30. nitu sharma

      we cant get bore ... rashu will never let us feel this way ❤

    31. Sambit Kar

      Gaurav bhaiya I had dm this also .. saying here again.. aab din me 2 hi chiz dekhta hun me.. 1- tmkoc 2- flying beast vlog So whatever u show in ur vlogs we like that all..

    32. Kunj Bihari Budania

      Document over create Gary vee😉

    33. The Bong SG

      Hello sir my self Gourav ..I am also UKupr ...but problem is I am so say...that's why I am not uploading any video please say something 🙏

    34. Anuj Tech Guru

      Nice Video Dear #AnujTechGuru You Are Tooooooooooo Good !!!

    35. Mujahid Khan

      Bhai dont feel down.. Actually we're addicted to your vlogs like daily routine, especially this quarantine vlogs sach mein.. You're like mini Netflix, I was your vlogs for chilling.. And it makes me so relaxed and free.. Just please don't stop daily vlogs.. We'll see even if you just on the camera and don't say anything 😂lol... But seriously your daily vlogs are totally amazing.. And also one thing, you have maintain a great level of attitude with all. That's the very impressive things bhai.. Take care, be healthy. 💓love

    36. A I

      Aapne toh karli boss se ladayi🥺

    37. puspesh singh

      In contrary to bring justice for SSR- Guys its high time to unfollow these bloggers. Now u hav to decide that to whom u wabt yo support. He call himself "flying beast" but the truth is that he is coward. Inhe toh apni dukan chalani h. Ye aise log h jo salman ka naam sune ke khushi milti h. Aur aap inhe follow karte h. Shame on u followers. Shame on "flying beast".

    38. vanita kansal

      Bina content ke bi 10min video.. Day means u achieved a pro level. I watched ur brother in law's video.. However I liked ur videos more

    39. Sukhchain Singh

      Sir appka content kabhi kabhi bhi purana nahi hoga ❤️❤️ Appki family always give me huge smile

    40. Anushree Negi

      Please don’t ever stop❤️ you guys are love

    41. Subhajit Paul

      Gaurav Taneja is one of a Kind..Multi talented guy..Hey Gaurav you should rather settle in the have degree talent and Skills..India not good enough for you..

    42. Neha Pandey

      Please give some lessons to ur wife who is following Rhea Chakraborty on instagram..after doing so much inspring work in life..she actually feels Rhea that worthy...i think u both should be responsible in ur choices..cause u have such huge following..please dont let ur followers down..done with ur channel..# justiceforssr

    43. Neha Pandey

      Yes Sir u pls stop this hypocricy..I was ur subscriber..but now i am unsubscribing ur channel.sorry but one side u r fighting against Air asia and getting sympathy for raising your voice for our safety...and other side Ritu mam is following Rhea Chakraborty on instagram...Really she find her worth following..This actually shows Ritu mam's studipity when whole nation is fighting for SSR...She is following dat gold digger..i think we r also stupid to subscribe ur channel...

    44. Kritika Choudhary

      We enjoyy your vlogs😊

    45. Om Tech

      No it's okay

    46. Poojary Pramod

      Hei kya tha language?? . 30 second me🤔

    47. Cutest Rasbhari

      Rasbhari ki ye video nhi dekhi to ab dekhlo :

    48. Sarthak Yerane

      Bhai sabse zyada rashi ko dekhne me ata hai we honestly enjoy everyday🤟

    49. Krishna Sarkar

      2 good

    50. HYPER Gaming

      Big fan of rashu I watch your vlogs because of rashi only

    51. Muskan Bansal

      Actually you should not quit, even the day you don't give any information you give us inspiration to keep hustling and never stop, how to be happy in your partner's growth and put 100% in whatever we do

    52. Cooking With Sapra!

      Gaurav bhai practice teen taal regularly for one hour daily , best to give support to hands and fingers on tabla and dagga.

    53. think pad

      Damm h to chod k dikhao itne paise bna re upr se jaan buj k rona kr k dikhado bs

    54. Aditya Prasad

      Nhi Bhaiya Aap Ki daily Vlog dekhne ka maja hi kuch aur he😇😇😊

    55. Diya khurana

      I have a complaint that aaj rashi se good morning nhi bola

    56. aaksh navneet

      Dude I miss my routine life...

    57. Anushka Singh

      Nothing's wrong with your vlogs ......we love it

    58. Rohit Singh

      Bakwas vlog dude

    59. Saurabh Raj

      Just a feedback get a dog! see the magic.

    60. Jatin Kheral

      Don't think that my ordinance getting boar your life is like a rollercoaster you thought there is no content but content still there you have to find that. Lots of love Ek chote bhai ki aur se Peace

    61. Happy Soul

      I missed your vlog and rn I'm watching this till all your video my routine

    62. Aditya Banga

      Bhai bnd na krna bhai vlog bnana plzz adat lag gyi bhai inn sab cheez ki aapki family apni jsi lagti h bhai

    63. A Boi's Voice

      Eduction of anykind is good for knowledge. If u r pursuing a education for money n career then u r screwed 8 out of 10 times

    64. bunch OF arts


    65. Ramchandra Nawal



      You should stop , I guess

    67. 1k subscriber without any video

      Hit like for rashbhari

    68. akash pandey

      I think you should really stop

    69. Amit Damani

      Your memes 😃😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣🤣

    70. Shailesh kumar Singh

      One like to encourage Gaurav sir👍

    71. Dileep Muppaneni

      You didn’t do IIT. You did engineering in IIT.

    72. anu masih

      You eggs😂😂😂😂are ready , khaaa liye kyaaa

    73. Sai dental vlogs

      What u said about education is true

    74. Sai dental vlogs

      Take rest bhai forna week

    75. Mr and Mrs Sharma Duet

      Your videos are our daily dose Love to Rashbhari😘 Please check our channel too😍 #MrAndMrsSharmaDuet vlogs and Duet Singing

    76. peeyush srivastava

      Please show rashi's activities as much as u can that's it for ur vlog she is a superstar for us

    77. Explore Karnataka

      Imagine after 100 years Rashus grand children watching the vlogs of their ancestor 'flying beast'

    78. Fudgethecutie

      Literally the people who liked my comment.... May your parents live more than 100 years with good health... 💥❤🔥❤..

    79. Aviral Saxena

      You are making daily vlogs from so many months now, but still each and every vlog is different from one another. And please sir, don’t stop daily vlogging🙏🏻


      Noooooo nooooooooo nooooooooo 😥😥😥😭😭😭😭 ,please sir 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻, don't stop making videos (vlogs) nooo sirrr ,never Doo this , we r addicted to your videos . We not get bored infact we get this opportunity to seeee cutie ' rashbari ' 😘😘😘😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩please continue your vlog your r best vlogger that I have ever seen great sir 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    81. nikku singh

      thk u bro

    82. Viral Animation. in

      I left my govt job . I dont know what to do next .

    83. Abhinav parkash Singh

      Porn gira ni giraya hai 00:00

    84. RAJ DHANAK


    85. Rishu Das

      hi sir.... watching your blogs for last week guys have achieved a lot from your hard work..and literally you fly high in sky but still so down to earth. You guys are inspiration to me and respect 👍🙏

    86. goldy ouseph


    87. Jamal Zain

      You have no content left

    88. Prince shekhawat

      Trust me gaurav bhaiya ur vlogs are boring day by day... Hope ui'll find new content!

    89. E TV Entertainment

      Aap Kuch Bhi Upload Karo Sir Hume Accha Lagta Hain Rashi Ritu Mam Or Aapko Dekhna❤️

    90. Colossal Clues

    91. Harshvardhan Haritwal

      Don't think it in that way, Your videos are making my Day, actually whenever I feel bored, I click on your video and my day is gone.

    92. Ajay Ramchiary

      Guys he stood for passenger safty and now its all in your hand to make him fly again. Tag every Airline... #Hire Gaurav Taneja

    93. Kartik Mahajan

      Jo tu regular vlogs dal raha hai na, use content mat bol.😂

    94. Payas Rampal

      someone who has lost his job, his passion and is still trying to motivate us n put a smile on our face is a real hero ik it must be irritating for u and ur family to always see u with camera but still u do it for us


      Literally,,,, 1% .Who reading this comment May there parents live More than, 100years with good health😊😊😊.....💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖....


      Gaurav sir your vlogg is very nice . Don't be upset.

    97. Ratul Tarat

      Nhi hua par sikh jaoge I am also a tabla player

    98. Vikash On The Way

      Aap JB scooty leke nikalte ho mza ata hai ..scooty vlogg bnayiye

    99. SUMIT KALE

      It’s completely normal I guess to have one of these days. I too have them often xD

    100. rass evento

      Love from kolkata wish to meet u gaurav bhai ... u and rashu and ritu di .. n ur family they all are now part of ur life we dont need content we r consistantly inside u so keep goin n blogging allah bless u .. m also newly married wish me sir thnx 😇❤👍