Papa ke saath Itni Cheating kyu... My Lord !!

Flying Beast

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    Vlog # 176
    had to discuss something important, please youth is the future of our country. apna khayal rakhna, its very easy to lose track when you are young.
    aaj live stream hai gaming channel pe

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    1. Flying Beast

      LIVE stream today on @RasbhariKePapa channel at 10:40 PM

      1. Gaming Lap

        Are dekh liye 🙏

      2. D 3020

      3. ADIL FAZAL

        #IRMSthroughESE IRMS exam should be through UPSC ESE SAFETY FIRST

      4. Kabeer_V plz watch your parody

      5. Ram Cheetry

        Why Nepal police 👮‍♀️ so cruel to the public??? Humanity ended??

    2. Vikrant Singh Kushwah

      Happy Birthday bhabhiii ji ♥️

    3. Rishu Singh

      Bhaiya dil se respect,,, now plz upload today's vlog,,, still waiting 😂😂

    4. Shreya Singh

      Watching old videos just for the rockstar (hair) look of rashu... 😍😘

    5. Dr. Abha Sharma

      अच्छे कर्म करने से आपके जैसा couple बनता है ।।

    6. Dr. Abha Sharma

      I am totally agree with u ..u are completely right u are not old school

    7. Rohan Paswan

      I love you sir thanks for making these videos ❤️

    8. Memes world

      Old school nahi

    9. Ansh Pratap

      Bhai aap schi m yaar sahi baat bol rhe ho i promise to follow it❤

    10. gayatree panda

      How are people sending gifts? There is no address mentioned

    11. anita shirole

      At 2.32 rashi started her own vlog😂😂

    12. Akash Gautam

      Bhaiya ne ye gyaan phle de diya tha na..😁 bhi sahi hai👍😂

    13. Gagan Varaich

      You are so's not old school thought but practical n reality. Today what you hinted is too good

    14. Mannu Singh chotala

      Jai papi..🤣🤣🤣


      Yesterday i thought why i watch flying beast 😳 ......... This video told me answer of that

    16. Fatma Rukhsar

      I love you rashbhari m din bhr rasbhari k dhkti

    17. jyoti yadav

      Rashu itani pyari hai ki man karta hai din bhar uska hi video dekhe. So sweet baby 😘😘😘😘😘love u rashu ❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖

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      Is there any way to like his all videos without seeing them ...because agar dekhne baitha toh mahine lag jaayenge😅

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      Bohot sahi baat bol di

    20. Taranjeet Kaur

      Ritu s smile awesome

    21. Angel

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      Me6months ago:jai mata do Me know:jai papi

    24. Nidhi Sethi

      Absolutely correct.. I am on the same page 👍

    25. GUEST 1


    26. prakash thagurathi

      Love from Nepal 🇳🇵

    27. Tanvi garg

      Sometimes I wonder people like you still exit in such a spoiled can be someone like you & ritu mam can be so down to earth...I really wish loads of success and health to you and to your family

    28. S Singh

      True we should never encourage one night stand r live in yeh saab apnye rishthow key saath khilwaad karnye walyw kya example dengye apneye generation ko

    29. S Singh

      U both r giving rashu the best upbringing

    30. gaming with mayank

      Someone help me for complete my 100 subs gol

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      rashi is a so cute i love You rashi

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      Recently I am addicted to your vlog

    33. Anil Kumar

      Great respect sir 👍💪

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      Im bing watching all your video's And im loving each and every part of it And rashiiii is love ❤️❤️😘


      Formula of vlogging please papa pta nahi kya lalooooo , papa ko subhe uth ke kya bolte hai 😂

    36. Sourabh Yadav

      I have Seen This earlier Literally 😅 I have Never seen A Vedio Twice But, Sir Apki Vedios 4-5 times Dekhne K Baad Bh Aisa Lgta H Shayad y reh Gya Dekhne Ko ❤️ what A Lovely SmiLes 😋 ☺️ 🤗 N Lovely People U All .....

    37. Rjanimaniac

      I m 24 yet ...but kinda thinking same hai ...about the youth getting distracked ...but bhaiyya kabhi kabhi lagta hai ... ki log apne ko buddha na manne lage...abhi ye khayal ka kya karre...???

    38. Shubham Pal

      Rashi op in the chat



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      RIP dheemme dheeme 😂😂

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    44. Mrs Mamta agarwal

      Sorry instead of I there is u

    45. Mrs Mamta agarwal

      Gaurav ji u r very laborious person but I have to take care of ur good health also

    46. Sandeep Kumar

      Sir.. u have enough Subscribers.. please upload which is good for the nation and drive out negativity.. instead of your daily routine... with all due respect.. nuthing personal.. Jai Hind..

    47. Pritha Chakraborty

      Chai op!

    48. Khushi Soni

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      Gaurav bhaiya lucky ho app Ritu bhabhi jaisi wife nd usse bhi jadha best frnd mili hai aapko 😍 you guys are so perfect❤😍kabhi kisiki buri nazar na lage😍

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      what ambanis are living there life that u r living 🥰

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      How cute she z....god bless Rashu....ram ram.. Jay mata di

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    55. Ganesh Kundu

      live stream

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      lots of love for Rasbhari. also view "Sketching The "Flying Beast" on his Birthday by "Suman's Story""

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      Plz bhabhi ko niche nhi batheya kro age ke according accha nhi lgta wo niche bathti h aap bed pr plzzzz

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      Not old school.. Gaurav bhai is cool school mindset. Awesome bhai

    59. Dreamy Canvas

      Sir...big fan of yours.....1k sawal tha...uppp video banate ho, uske baad usko edit karte hoooo, aur post bhi karte ho upp "off camera" maam ko aur payarisi Rashvari ko time kab dete ho......????? How you manage all this stuff ?? Btw sir big fan of and my girlfriend never miss a video of yours.... Please sir ans dena.....

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      Is pandemic over??..why Ritu and Rassi are not wearing mask??

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      The way she says hey krishna i loved it

    64. No Name

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    65. Prateek Kumar

      He talks bout brainwashing, exactly what Arnab and others have successfully done to many Indians and Gaurav too. He tried so convey that Rhea brainwashed Sushant and thus he started taking drugs. Waah bhayi waah. Sushant's intellect was way way above these people.

    66. deepshikha arora

      Ritu is a fabulous person! Such a beautiful, talented and acomplished woman! Yet so humble and cute ❤️


      6:00 the best part Gaurav Ritu Rashi😂

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      Just like alcohol has become so normal now!

    72. cutie pie


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    74. Neha Gupta

      Sir lockdown is over not Corona....park me na Rashi ne mask pehna thaa naa Ritu Ma'am nee this is a wrong influence

    75. R T

      कल शिक्षक दिवस पर सारे शिक्षक विद्यार्थियों के हित के लिए बढ़ चढ़ के हिस्सा लेंगे, और हमें मिलके 1 करोड़ यानी 10 million tweets लाने हैं 🙏 यही होगी हम सब की गुरुदक्षिणा 🙏 retweet pls #speakup #rrbexamdates #SpeakUpForSSCRailwayStudents Sir please make video & support youth of India yesterday on 5 September for SSC & railway aspirants 👍👍👍✌

    76. R T

      कल शिक्षक दिवस पर सारे शिक्षक विद्यार्थियों के हित के लिए बढ़ चढ़ के हिस्सा लेंगे, और हमें मिलके 1 करोड़ यानी 10 million tweets लाने हैं 🙏 यही होगी हम सब की गुरुदक्षिणा 🙏 retweet pls #speakup #rrbexamdates #SpeakUpForSSCRailwayStudents Sir please make video & support youth of India yesterday on 5 September for SSC & railway aspirants 👍👍👍✌

    77. Shenxo Xavier

      Come to Maldives Rashoo... happy to see you guys endorsing my country

    78. minakshi raj

      Very well said sir....hats off you


      Itane Andhere Me Rashu Ko Lekar Andhere Me Ni Nikala Karo ..... There Can Be Insects 😐😐


      Serious Talk 👌👌

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      3:30 correct Gaurav bhaiya. Kuch chijo ko soch samajh ke karna chahiye

    82. SuRaJPaRkAsH ChOuDhArY

      Ritu mam forgot to wear mask

    83. Dr Jyoti Vardhan Sahni

    84. Jaihind Kumar


    85. Absolutemad

      I appreciate what you say ..."wrong is always wrong " ...if once our mind say it wrong then it is wrong don't do it guys 😃

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      1:05 I know that everyone was just busy looking at Rashu. 😂😘♥️

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    90. Tanmay Sinha

      Anyone needs address and contact details to send parces or meeting Gaurav sir and Rashi l , please contact .

    91. Khushboo Singh

      Hi Guarav and Ritu, I always follow your videos and love to start my day after watching rashbhari but nowdays i have seen that you guys started going out and moving around in park as the covid is on peak in India now. I would suggest better to be at home, I know you might be taking all safety measures but still. In your previous vlog I saw you were planning to go muruthal but have you heard that there staffs are also infected with the virus. Please take care.

    92. Aniket Sharma

      Jai Pape dii

    93. d d

      Bhaiji content dalo .personal life personal hi achi lagti desi se apko Bohat kuch sikhana chahiye.

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      NYC #nandanisharma

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      Can anyone explain me about the meaning of terk??

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      New subscriber 😎😎😎 Sorry..I am lateeee

    97. Pankaj Sah

      Mam you should maskup😷 , I also avoided this and had infected by Corona. Take Care, & MASK UP INDIA.

    98. Aarav and Gunnu

      Love you rashbari #Aaravandgunnu 4.5 years old vlogger

    99. mb n give up

      Bohat sahi kaha... Everyone should realize this own❤️

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