Teaching her, how to do it correctly..

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    1. Arun Makwana

      The best intro I have ever seen 😍

    2. Dhanashree raipure

      Love you rashbhari

    3. Changing Life in Shabda's Style

      7 minute only .. 😑 little more ❤

    4. Harshit Singh

      I thought she said in sandesh "ginti" but it was green tea 😂😂😂

    5. Deepa Keshwani

      2:34 teaching her how to do it correctly (title)

    6. Vikrant Singh Kushwah

      Happy Birthday bhabhiiiii ji ♥️

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      Rashu looks like Anahita (world's cutest girl ) !!!!

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      Worldest cute girl

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      Blessings to the princess n family 🙌

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      By watching your videos , Honestly I realised having a girl child is a blessing!!!

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      Making of chhota bheem

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      15 October ko mera birthday tha...

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      T-shirt aachi lag rhi hai hayee ram

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      They are so addictive 😐❤

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      Jisne bhi dislike kiya Wo kirpya #Flying Beast channel Unsubscribe kar De.

    17. Aman Varma

      Choti si doll jaise kisi ne chabhi bhar di hai aur gudiya fudakne lagi🤩🤩🤩 stay blessed

    18. Monika

      Please send me pinni recipe. When I made it become brown. But ur mother made yellow color pinni how?? I want to make for my husband. My hubby like those pinni. Please help me

    19. AnimeZest

      2:34 Teaching her how to do it correctly Very poor choice of words🤐

    20. Narendra Warke

      Can A engineer Help 🙏🙏 other Engineer...( Gaurav Taneja ) It's my personal opinion... Gaurav bhaiya U have a great fan following.. it's my personal request to u to support justice for Sushant Singh Rajput.. he also has an family eho wants justice for their son... BEING from middle class family i m trying my Best to support it and not let the case close.. U just request your fans to support it little.. in their city.. i know it is now become a political issue.. but what is truth u also know and i also... i have seen your Fairmount jaipur vlog where ritu bhabhi was seeing or I don't know but republic channel was open on that tv..... So my personal request to support it in indirect way... A step for Supporting truth... Plzz share this message to gaurav taneja...I DON'T KNOW HE WILL SEE THIS MESSAGE IR NOT..SO IF U CAN PLZZ FORWARD IT TO GAURAV BHAIYA... U can See my Community post tab ... PLZZ SUPPORT...

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      2:37 new style discovered 🤠👍

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      That ball is made in chaina 😂

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      Can't help to notice that she's wearing kurti bought from Myntra

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      Made in china ball😂😂

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      Kbhi kbhi esa lgta h ki Knock knees h Rashu ko

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      today is 15 of october becharre bhai edit krke bana re h

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      2020 mau le gaya

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      Rashbari loves vloging and we also enjoy it please give her to vlog

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      Who notice the level 3 vest of pubg in this video

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      My daughter is 22months old...vo b aise hi krti hr kaam aappe aappe mumma

    37. rameshwari pandey

      Both r cute and cutest is rashi❤️ the way she says please papa is so cute❤️ and mumma is better or papa then she say mumma but she is truly Papa's pari❤️.

    38. Partha Sikdar

      Captain brother,wish you & your family may stay healthy & prosperity.

    39. siddhartha roy

      vai 15 se 20 minute ka video bano.Acha lag ta hai.

    40. Gudia S

      Bhabi ko bulao... missing her❤️ and unke baate m b btao ek VDO m

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      Cutest way.....♥️

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      I like Rashu's '-Hey guys'....soooo sweet....bohut mitha..God Bless her.🙏😘😘

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      All kids - Hello 👋 everyone how r u? Rashi - hello 👋 guys, welcome back to the new vlog🤣

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      Sir every time when I watched your videos its freshen My mood. thank you so much sir❤️❤️❤️

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      The cutest intro ever

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      5:12 cutie cutie legs of my gudiya

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    52. Dhruv Kohli


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      @Flying Beast Reply nahi mila mjhy bhaiyya mere question ka

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      I think Rashu would become a very bright student and a very wise girl in whatever field she goes into.. We are all witnessing her growth.. So, we can assess that..

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      Literally the 1% people who reading this comment😘😘 may your parents live long and always having smile on face 💕😍💕😍💕😍😍💕💕💕👍

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      Which oats do you eat

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      Irony : Rashi never cried after lossing in the race ❤️

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      Kiara Topa be like: Vlogging yeh main Kar leta hu tab tak aap Dream 11 pe team banao. Lmao

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      Rashu:-.... .......................................lalooooo O

    74. amaan khan

      Rashi will bring nepotism in vlog industry.

    75. Vibudh Jain

      The amount of attention he pays to his child is a benchmark for Indian parents that how important it is to observe and rectify the tinest things properly at a very young age rather scolding their children when they get little older.

    76. neet aspirant

      6:00 Rashi is mandbudhhi

    77. Harsh Dhunna

      Bro the stairs issue is nothing, its because of her tiny angelic legs. Let her grow a bit more, it wont be any issue then!! Bless you

    78. nitin pal singh

      05:25 boycott china 😂

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      Best character for the vlog Rashu😍😍

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      Sir i have read somewhere that ...ladki k left leg pehle chlte hai ....and boys k right leg ...ismai aisa kch nhi hai

    85. Aditya singh

      Your child be like himawari.

    86. Rajat Sharma


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      I don't know why gaurav has put her name as kaira when rasbhari; is so cool

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