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    Jaipur city tour
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    1. Flying Beast

      Thanks to everyone. We are 4 Million strong 🙏🙏

      1. bollywood masala

      2. Arun Saroha

        Congrats sir for 4 M 🥳

      3. Babina Behera

        I am odisha bhubaneswar

      4. Best Frd

        Kitna discount Mila I think 100% sponcered trip

      5. Prasad Dhumale


    2. Asha agarwal

      It's near my house

    3. rohan chauhan

      How many days are requires to see Jaipur... As a tourist for sightseeing?

    4. Vikrant Singh Kushwah

      Happy Birthday bhabhii ji♥️


      I proud to be a rajasthani nd jaipuriet ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😘😘😘

    6. mohammed sheriff

      For one who doesn't know, the light appeared to be flickering, cz he reduced the speed of the clip. And, normally a light bulb in india flickers 100 times per second.

    7. aasif khan

      Bhai jodhpur ka kila dekho


      I went to Rajasthan with my family in october 2018.I dont know why but since then Rajasthan is so close to my heart.Rajasthani music always melts my heart and makes me emotional.The music is so emotional..❤Will visit there again.Love Rajasthan❤

    9. Adil Khan

      Amber fort

    10. varisha qureshi

      I visited aamer palace its amazing

    11. himanshu meena

      Iski payal bhoot achi leg rhi hei or uski aavaz

    12. Gourav’s Vlog

      Guys mera vlogs bhi app log sambhal loooooooooooooo Vlog from Vietnam 🇻🇳

    13. abhay rajput

      When you visit here every weekend because you are jaipurite

    14. abhay rajput

      I am also from Jaipur

    15. easy learning for kids

      Nyc vlog.👍🏻..a mask for the little one is also v imp

    16. pilwan abhishek

      Congratulations and good video bhai 👌 fort very beautiful.

    17. anoushka kanungo

      soooooo beautiful place

    18. Kumar Aryan

      What's the name of this music at 41 sec....I m loving it 😍

    19. Deep Makwana

      2:29 wala song konsa hai

    20. kaur's tourism vlogs


    21. AT MS

      CBI for Camera 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. anagha vichare

      Is it only me or others also think rashi is looking mire younger 😘🥰😘😊


      Such nostalgia at the same time in 2017 I too was in Jaipur. One of the most beautiful places in INDIA... We have such rich heritage!

    24. Vikas Chakrwal

      Ye mai kr leta hu tu dream 11 pe team bna lo 🤣🤣

    25. Aishwarya Sharma

      M from Jaipur and m feeling so proud 😄😄😄😄😄

    26. selvens world

      0:25 cutest seen

    27. Mama Tried

      Superb video! I hope you’d like our videos too! Please let us know what you think and go and have a blessed day! ⚡️⭐️

    28. naveen kumar

      background music in starting?

    29. Manvendra Ranawat

      I also went in tunnel

    30. Manvendra Ranawat

      I am also from jaipur i visit this place also......

    31. Pritika Gurung

      how for chota boy

    32. Shri Krishan Dadhich

      Must visit nagaur ka kila

    33. Dibyajyoti Maharana

      Gourav bhai is so lucky that he got wife like Ritu di and daughter like rashu❤️

    34. Angel Joseph


    35. Mighty Dragons

      Hi sir I am your biggest fan plz answer my comment.. Lot's love from Nepal(Sambhav Mudbhari)🙏♥️

    36. Education Stream

      Mujhe ek question puchna he.. Pilot ke liye kyaa karna hoga Mean Kis tarah se kar sakte he.. Prepare Pilot license ke liye. Please. Bataaiye Sir please age-28 Graduation complete Married too- Sirf mujhe guidance chaiye. A to Z details sir.

    37. No skillz

      1:30 tumphnail wala scene..... Don't waste your time

    38. 1000 subscriber with no video challenge

      Literally 75% people reading comments may🙏 your parents live more than 💯years with good health❤

    39. Bhanwar Panwar

      I Am From Rajasthan And This State is Amazing

    40. tanisha bariar

      One for the chhota boy😂😂she is dammmm cutee

    41. Rashmi Kumari

      Although it's far better then the mughal's

    42. Rahul N

      Hello sir, huge fan of your family and your ethical values. I just wanted to share these films with you and your whole family of UKup. Being a fitness freak myself I know how much this important for everyone to live their lives to the fullest possible capacity. I request you to please watch these two short films which will change your world and want you to share this through your videos. Please sir! And I am sure you'll love it (P.S: both the films are available on Netflix) 1. The Game Changer - 2. What The Health! - Lots of Love...!!!

    43. Akshit Akash

      Old flying beast is back ❤️😍

    44. Rahul Kandoriya

      apki nokari ka kya huva

    45. Neha Mhatre

      5:35 anyone noticed there was NONU word

    46. Yuvan yadav vlogger

      Yaha par humne bhi photo click ki thi

    47. Yuvan yadav vlogger

      Hum yaha par visit krke as chuke h 5 year pahle

    48. Yuvan yadav vlogger

      This is very beautiful place

    49. Yuvan yadav vlogger

      Jaipur me h aap

    50. Rashid Rash

      2:36 to 2:42 🔥

    51. k s


    52. k s

      Uncle aunty's mirror pic was classy 😍😍😍😍

    53. high speed ankit

      PLEASE REPLY:- Bhai please yaar Rajasthan dubara aavo to Rajasthan ke churu jile ke Salasar balaji mandir me jrur padhare me salasar gaanv ka hi hu jaise aapke subscriber sunil choudhary se aap mile waise main bhi aapse milna chahta hu Ek sawaal aap ne aapke subscriber sunil choudhary se contact kaise Kiya?? Love from Rajasthan ❤❤

    54. high speed ankit

      PLEASE REPLY:- Bhai please yaar Rajasthan dubara aavo to Rajasthan ke churu jile ke Salasar balaji mandir me jrur padhare me salasar gaanv ka hi hu jaise aapke subscriber sunil choudhary se aap mile waise main bhi aapse milna chahta hu Ek sawaal aap ne aapke subscriber sunil choudhary se contact kaise Kiya?? Love from Rajasthan ❤❤

    55. Mohammed Arshad Jilani

      come to jodhpur, waiting for u....

    56. Priya Saxena

      Suno bhai log ..... Please check my daughter’s channel Wo b bahut cute h Aur haaa Subscribe b kar dena please Aur haaa thanks 😊

    57. Carrom Trick Shots and Gameplay

    58. mr joshi

      Bhai kharcha Tho batao hum bhi parents ko leke jaaye fir

    59. Payal Basak

      The most beautiful thing about this vlog is my favorite couple's smile🤗😘

    60. Blade Fame gaming

      feeling nostalgic

    61. Monkey And The Trunk

      When you came in jaipur

    62. Zaheer Shaikh

      Woh frome jaipur

    63. Au gaming YT

      Sir plese give ma a mobile phone realme narzo 20 sir pleseeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😓😓😓😓

    64. Saurabh Bhandari

      We miss bhabhi also


      So beautiful 😍

    66. SHHital Molly2229

      3 din phle yeh itne qareeb the mere, mujhe pata ho to mil leti...

    67. Kush mehta

      You all are wearing mask. Not ur kid who is most susceptible to covid. Plz don't be so irresponsible. So many people watches you. And you are behaving so casually regarding mask and social distancing. Corona is not over yet. Don't set a bad example please 🙂 🙏

      1. Priya Saxena

        Suno bhai ..... Please check my daughter’s channel Wo b bahut cute h Aur haaa Subscribe b kar dena please Aur haaa thanks 😊


      Achcha place hai me ja ke aaya hu

    69. vishal kumar

      Tagdi kamaai hori h utube se😏

    70. Madhura Sanjay Joglekar

      Your editing, cinematic shots, supporting music are so top notch!! excellent...I am trying to learn par kuch samajh nahi aa raha...kaise karte hain...

    71. Om Rajput


    72. Om Rajput


    73. Danny Cruz

      Hi. This is chill! The skit at 1:11 is really awesome. You should team up with Bad Friends. They're the funniest friend group on UKup and they legitly do pranks every time. Go check out their YT out and give the crew a like! 👉 #ImYourBadFriend

    74. Uday Shinde

      Why 1.4k dislikes on this video

    75. The 99

      purane yade Taja ho Gaya❤️❤️❤️.. I'm Missing Jaipur 😌

    76. Snehlata Bundhun

      nostalgic... Went to Jaipur last July 2019

    77. Mohammed Abdul Samad

      0:53 what is songs name

    78. ISHAN

      Sir please wear mask

    79. sultan Bahiyal

      Bahi koi to is video ka background music ka name bata do plz 🙏🙏🙏

    80. Akki Playz

      6:08 Rashi be like - chacha vidhayak hai 😂

    81. Bhavinpreet Singh

      Your daughter is very cute

    82. Kapoor Ravi

      Woowww this is the most luxurious place in the world for me

    83. M W Q

      Ma sha allah apki beti bohat pyari ha bhaiya love u from lahore pakistan

    84. Reaction Warehouse

      1:42 Beast destroyed by Beast Dad in seconds😂😂

    85. Anurag Saxena

      Just behind this hotel, my college is there, whever i have studied, Awsome vlog. I am so inspired by you that i have started my youtube channel but still looking for first 1000 subscrbibers. Love from London :P

    86. monika meena

      Sir ji Aap Jaipur aaye abhi Mera Moka Nikal gya aap se Milne ka

    87. Akhilesh Singh

      After long long time 😍😍👏👏👌👌Maze aa gaye abhi dikhi asali bloging

    88. navneet singh

      Lots of love from jaipur ,,,,,sir,,,,,,

    89. Suruchi Arora

      Which place is this?

    90. Aldrin Menezes

      Nice to see indias vintage through your vlogs thank you very much gaurav & ritu have fun

    91. alok sharma

      Very beautiful Amer fort

    92. Carmie Monsang

      Rashu thank u fr reciting Baba black sheep fr us love u😊😘❤️

    93. That Dusky Girl

      It feels nostalgic, i started missing jaipur.

    94. shagun rao

      sir vo guide kuch bata ta hai uski video cut kar data ho,or apna hi close shot dhat ta raha ta ho,

      1. shagun rao

        ya kisi or sa travel vlog nahi lagta

    95. AB Bro

      Also eat चूरमा दाल बाटी

    96. AB Bro

      Plz also visit खोले के हनुमानजी मंदिर .....

    97. simi

      Sch h khi bhi ho pr apne Rajasthan ki dhun sunte hi sari thkan dur ho jati h

    98. soul phaadi

      Boring hora bro

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      One for CHOOTA boy😆😆😆😆

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      Humne toh baithe baithe jaipur ghum liya ty flying beast❤️