Had a very bad day

Flying Beast

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    Vlog # 238
    cricket match, but a sad innings. not very happy.
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    1. Palak Shah

      Inspiration for life ❤️


      This is the same ground where I played cricket tournament and I used to learn in this academy

    3. Singh Chef

      K18 gaming ketan is the captain

    4. _TECHNO CaRt_

      K18 op bhai

    5. GYRO FNR

      stream mai zaida paisa mela uss din that's why stream achi huvii

    6. Jayanta Roy

      Osm love this 😍😍

    7. Jagat Singh

      Alll youtubers see interconnected with each other

    8. moodyrider

      Mainey yaha khela hai worst pitch hai

    9. Boss Gaming

      K18 op bhai

    10. TRx JUNGLI Gaming YT

      can you support my channel.

    11. Aksham Thakur

      Is he k18🤔 yes he is❤️

    12. Piyush Majhi

      Fpp gaming 😂

    13. Ajay Goenka

      I am playing youth cup in this ground and our is in the finals

    14. Pranjal Kesarwani

      Game changer ya toss changer 😂

    15. Yash Gupta

      Ketan op

    16. Virat Kohli Fans Club

      Keten pubg kal na

    17. Hetal Soni

      4:55 keeper looks like k18

    18. THE Y SHORTS

      I like your cricket

    19. Pritam Kisku

      Ketan Bhai ❤️

    20. shah_ plays

      You should use helmet gopro Cam so we can see the ball and bat properly

    21. Mine craft gamming

      4:57 khujane ka naya tarika

    22. Vikrant Singh Kushwah

      Happy Birthday ma'am ♥️

    23. Nature Love

      1:59 when u get it 😁. virat kohli legendary dialogue during IND vs SA test match

    24. Yuvraj ChaurasiaOP

      Dude seriously I live near there only And we say it TV. Tower

    25. Vipindra Kumar

      Maine bhi 24 ball me 12 run banae

    26. Epic You Me

      Bhai we are a team from Sonipat ..plays Corporate Cricket ... If you guys want .. we can play with you ... we play in Sonipat

    27. sumit kumar

      Get well soon My Littel Angel ❤️❤️😘😘

    28. Anas Kherani

      Maja aagaya hai na bhai

    29. Mcg gaming

      K18 gaming hai na ye

    30. Anurag chettri

      Flying beast which car are you having ?


      K18gaming ka be mast vlog

      1. BTC SAHIL

        Magar khi mentioned nhi kra Ye galt ha

    32. swaraj Avhale

      Sar aap fielding ke waqt keeper ko GoProp date jao

    33. #FactNTech

      I am 13 year old all rounder I can play better or like you

    34. Ramakant Dhanipkar

      Happy Dipawali Bhai. Tum phirse join karo airlines... take care bro

    35. LETS CHILL


    36. Rishi Malik

      Kya ketan k18 gaming Wala ketan hai???

      1. BTC SAHIL

        Yes usna bhe bnaya ha

    37. Sayed Zain Ali

      Ye ground k peeche CN tower hai Toronto waala???

    38. JK Sid

      Job Mila ki nai Abhi b bhatak rhe ho apna UKup leke

    39. Abhinav Thakur

      BHai app nsp ki side ground me khelte ho kya

    40. Surya Pratap

      Konsa ground h Gaurav bhai delhi m h ya noida m

    41. Manish Kurmi

      Love from Assam

    42. Fabrate Gamer

      You are a allrounder

    43. Harshit Singh

      He is Indian Andre Russell 🤣

    44. Uttam Das

      Pan ne kam kar diya

    45. CrImE GaMiNg

      Every vlog is incomplete without "Fan kha hai"

    46. King Fighter

      Mere ghar ke pass bhaiya ek din phle hi bta dete hum aajate


      Sir Aga se Fielding karte waqt cam wicket keeper ko de dena

    48. Søntu Lifestyle

      K18 op bhai ketan❤

    49. Udit Goyal

      GuruGobind singh Nsp beautiful ground ❤️

    50. Aditi Singh

      Game changer Flying beast life changer

    51. saksham kapoor

      Big boss - 1or 2 days in 1 hours Flying beast - whole day in 10 minutes

    52. Amar Ojha

      Pinni chaie mujhe bhi

    53. Shubham Mishra

      Paan me sada mat bola karo ap bola karo ki meetha pan laga de vo mast rahega

    54. sanju kruthi

      Love to see u play cricket

    55. harman singh

      Match pta hai kaha hara (3:53)

    56. pritesh

      Cricket is love

    57. Janviii Kori

      Is he gaming wala Ketan?

    58. Rupam Roy


    59. sky travels

      Flying beast on ground means dra👍👍😎

    60. Jay Patel

      K18 army.......🤞🤘💥

    61. Mrilika Sahay - living and loving life as it is

      I really wish he gets back to flying. No other career option is as Gud as something u r passionate about.

    62. study time

      It's seems that u r going through a tuff time and not let us and your family know About it..... Please express to us..... We can see through your eyes and face

    63. Nitin Gupta

      Bhai kitna pollution hai

    64. mave roger

      Dear Gaurav, I thoroughly enjoy all your blogs. Would request you to spread the msg of wearing masks amidst the sharply increasing corona graph in the national capital and almost no implementation of the social distancing norms or lockdown. The corona symptoms in some cases are only gastrointestinal and not the routine fever/ breathing issues.....losing a child or an older member of the family because of our carelessness can be certainly avoided.

    65. Rizwan Khan

      Bhai ek superbike lalooo

    66. Kanchan amit

      Love you rasuuu😘😘😘

    67. Ashutosh patel

      Bhai aap toh multi talented ho

    68. Addict Vlogs

      Fpp pubg k jese feel aa rahi hai

    69. Manga Singh

      Sir ma video like krr rahi thi lekin ho nahin rahi

    70. Jatin Kashyap

      Gaurav sir @flyingbeast sir ap please meko protein send krdo mera bhot low budget hai and I need to build lean muscle and daily protein intake pura nhi ho pata ap donate kr hi rhe ho to please ek packet muje bhi krdo please sir request hai. Read krne ke bad ignore mat krna sir. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    72. Himanish Gulati

      This guy is actually living life 3 UKup channels , iit graduate , former pilot , now pursuing law and playing cricket.


      Yah family is best Indian please support me

    74. review for help

      Watch my channel review for help

    75. Dhaani Makhija

      8:48 she is growing in front of our eyes ❤️

    76. Bhanu Pratap Singh

      Gaurav bhai kabhi cricket kehlne Dhankad sports complex Ghaziabad aao

    77. saniya irram

      K18 😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😇🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗



    79. Sunanda Jain

      Fan kaha pe hai after so long🥺❤️


      2:52 is anyone noticing that tower

    81. Gautam Jha

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    82. Ajay Hansa

      Sir punjabii vlogging v kro kise din

    83. Lakshay Tyagi

      Rashu aap bahut qute ho

    84. Prince Harmohan

      Gaurav Taneja Sir = Aaron Finch 😁🔥

    85. Ram Parkash

      bahoot baar sir

    86. KM Gopang

      Rip 😭💔 Acha chlta hu 🤲 me yad Rakhna👇👇 ukup.info/loft/nrWxkJ6Gq4egloU/v-deo.html

    87. priyanka Dhal

      Chiklu become taklu but she is literally cute baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    88. Maninder Singh

      i am surprised that nobody abused😅

    89. Sourabh Bharadwaj

      Practice mein hr bowler no ball dal rha hai..😂

    90. Mahour ji

      K18 Army 🙋🙋

    91. Mahour ji

      Ketan army 🙋🙋

    92. लखनवी नवाब

      Dheeme trend is not stop yet ..... 😂😂😂

    93. the Himalayan shepherd .

      Mera plane hmesha ekela hota h

    94. Manjeet Sarkar

      Chiklu o chiklu

    95. Hardik Tichkule

      K18 fan here

    96. Madhav Sharma

      Gaurav Bhai cricket to chodo 😂😂aur kya kya kroge 😂😂😂

    97. PRASUK OMG

      I it turf academy

    98. PRASUK OMG

      I am a also a student of this academy

    99. Urvi Sharda

      9:16 when gaurav bhai realised rassasam is copyright free

    100. dynmo ammo

      He was kicked out by me 😂