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    1. Flying Beast

      sorry for uploading so late.... but fir socha, kar dete hai...

      1. Suvrashankha Ghosh

        I am a lefty . First of all you should help him try with the left hand. If she does it more comfortablely then she is lefty. Don't force him to write with right hand.

      2. Moumita Karmakar

        My niece also used both her hands to write when she was of Rashi's age. So my brother and sister - in - law tried to make her use her right hand only but once she entered school, she started using her left hand more when in school and it became permanent gradually.

      3. Aly afnan

        hammne bhi kaha sehh lenge thorra

      4. ravi ranjan

        let her do it with left hand coz lefty people use their right brain and they r her continue with it

      5. Crooked_ smile

        I used to do most of the work with left hand daadi ne daant daant k right hand krwa Diya Meri handwriting aaj b aisi h ki jaise makdi ink Mei doobke page pe chal gyi ho😝🤪

    2. Arnapurna Rath

      Aap rashi ko dono haton se likhao and observe which one is easy for her and mark her handwriting also .... if her left hand handwriting is good then she is lefty❤❤

    3. Anushka Singh

      Lefty is much better, her right side of brain is more active. A creative and logical mind. Only 10 percent people in this world are lefty. Wanted to be one. So, I write with both the hands. 😂

    4. Ayan Shammi and Life


    5. Pretty Preeti

      Love u lovely rashu😘❤️

    6. Sagar Sambhav Mishra

      Are bhai jise samajh nahi hai wo kyu bolke a0ne bezati karega

    7. Ashish jha

      I'm ambidextrous 👉👈😅

    8. The Cerebral Gamer

      Seth Freakin' Rollins' T-shirt

    9. Vikrant Singh Kushwah

      Happy Birthday bhabhiiiii ji ♥️

    10. aman zone

      Kahan per rahte ho aap

    11. Sunaina Bisht

      make her both hands strong. there are kids who could write from both hands like my sister. i read somewhere it helps a child develop both sides of the brain equally. best of luck.

    12. Anushka Gupta

      As far as I have noticed she do her work from both hands , so she uses both her hands .baaki uss par chodd do which hand she uses

    13. Lost Music

      Meine suna hai lefty kafi intelligent hote hain 😍😍✅

    14. Shaleena Mool

      Too funny

    15. Shrey Patel

      Gaurav bhai don't prefer or force her to write with left or right. She will choose what she should do. But have another view that some study says more things are made for rightist.

    16. Jay Satvara


    17. Aswathi Nair

      Sir let her write with whichever hand she's comfortable with. Even I'm a lefty. My mumma made me write with right hand but I was never comfortable with. My nursery teacher told her that don't force else she won't be able to write properly. Thereafter.....left has been my superhand

    18. Gamer dadu

      Missing rashu’s hair😢

    19. Sanchi Gupta

      I don't think there is any right or wrong hand Its just a perspective that we have made that we should write with right hand but who says that left is wrong Let her be whatever she wants

    20. Anjali Mathur

      I studied about it gaurav bhaiya. First notice that is she doing all her work from which hand like picking up something ball or holding glass from which hand if she using her left hand doing all these stuff then let her use her left hand. This happen because of the development of her left brain first then right side brain. Children whose left brain develop first then they try to do all there work from left hand and if right brain develop then they try to do all there work from left hand. you have to notice her hand action to identify that which part of her brain developed .

    21. Ankita Pal

      Tell her to use both the hands...

    22. _

      She should use whatever she is comfortable in as it's her brain telling her to that☺️

    23. Sha Shank

      No it's just a myth that left handed are less in population

    24. Sunita Sinha


    25. Vriddhi Jain!

      "Do boond Zindagi ki bhi nhi aayi "😂😂😂

    26. Vriddhi Jain!

      Rashi Rajnikant Banegi..Dono Haatho se Sign 😂😂

    27. Anubhav Sarkar

      Sir being a lefty I want to tell you, please let her write with the left hand otherwise growing up we lefties do face a lot of problems , trying to adjust


      Sir every body has suggested you nice about Rashi but I suggest you to make her righty because lefty people live less then righty .

    29. Diptasree Ghosh

      Bhaiya rashi ko kuch mt bolo.. Rashi ko khud se pata chelega.. Kon si uske liye better hein.. Abhi aap dono haath se sikhaoo

    30. Aditya Sharma

      I am also lefty, initially my parent's forced me in childhood to write by right hand as in Hindu mythology right hand is good to work for auspicious reasons. I tried a lot but my writing wasn't that good. After 1st class I started writing by left unknowingly. And everything went good....

    31. Shikha Soni

      Hí I thought use right hand se hi writing work Kar bcoz left hander kids most of the letters and numbers likhne me confuse hote hai

    32. Sakshi Gupta

      @ Flying Beast pls see CHILD PRODIGY SCAM .SEE DHRUV RATHEE (Netflix).

    33. snehan padhy

      5:30 - "rashi jaldi jao steam lelo chalo...."" rashi - how i wonder what you are"" just cant' just stop laughing!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣


        😂😂😂me too

    34. Rahul Gupta


    35. RICHI RICH

      Hey Gaurav read Handedness then you will know about it...dont force her to use any perticular hand.

    36. pooja majmudar

      It's okay if she is comfortable with left hand... I am a left handed too.... My parents forced me alot to write with right hand but i could not 😂 so let her be comfortable...

    37. Sneha Shavi

      Let it be both it is creative

    38. Gunjan Tiwari

      Let her do first..

    39. Kavya Gupta


    40. Sunny Singh

      she is going to be lefty

    41. Arya Shah

      0:50 Usne cooker konse haath se uthaya tha...uspe depend karta hai xD Btw, love your vlogs

    42. Aryan Vidholiya

      watching your volg first time in laptop

    43. Some Buddy

      I am left handed, let her allow to use both hands, she will eventually choose.

    44. Tushar Nagla

      Let her decide naturally with which hand she is comfortable And as her parent observe her other work which hand she naturally prefer

    45. Sabarno Nandan


    46. Rahul Pandey

      Let her try the hand with reflexes she is comfortable with, enforcing your choice will not do any good !

    47. prachi singh

      Sir I m also a left hander....and I would suggest u to let her be a left hander...because its her natural parents never forced me to b a right hander... Left handers are very creative.

    48. Cook With Sudha 'No Onion No Garlic'

      मुझे लगा एक बात मुझे यहां कहनी चाहिए बात बच्ची की है इसलिए, जब भी हम स्टीम लेते हैं तो कृपया उसका प्लग स्विच से अलग कर दीजिए...... हम किसी भी ले ट्रॉनिक सामान पर इतना भरोसा नहीं कर सकते । (पार्लर में भी इस तरह से स्टीम दी जाती है ऐसा सुनने में आया था कि वह उड़ गया था और सारा गरम पानी........🙏 वैसे स्टीम चूल्हे पर भी गर्म पानी से करने से ज्यादा फायदा होता है...... वैसे तो आप बहुत अच्छे संस्कार दे रहे हैं रशि को ... लेकिन आप जो बच्चे को किसी भी जी से डरा रहे हो बॉर्डर उसके मन में जिंदगी भर रहेगा और वह उसकी कमजोरी बन जाएगा 🙏 बात को अन्यथा ना लीजिएगा ठीक लगा वह मैंने बोला🙏

    49. Sanket Kumar

      She is so cute

    50. Munna Mz

      Sir,mam, please Rasheu ko Maat Rulana,kaveeve.Jabbhi usko rotey huyea dekhte hu khudh roh parta hu year.please don't let her Crye.

    51. S,S The Amazing

      Maine inko subscribe nahi phir bhi inke video hamesha suggestions mai aate h🤒😡

    52. sid Enter

      Bhai ab kya suhagrat wali vdo dla ke manega

    53. Soumya Singh

      My niece is lefty if she is doing with left hand let her continue what I have seen.

    54. Paromita Dey


    55. Shubham Bhanot

      Let her use his writing skills on left and other right which will help in in the more u do things from whatever side u like more their is consumption of that side of the brain...

    56. Tushar Hatwar

      4:56 pe 4 million log ek sath steam le rahe hai 😂😂

    57. Mohit Garg

      jaise voh wala quote hai na ' leader leads the team, not orders the team' vahi gaurav bhai aur ritu bhabhi kr rhe hai rashu ko kraane ke liye. and same jaise ginger honey paste mei kra tha!!

    58. Darshan Sonawane

      Lefty ko 3 questions fix rehte hai Likhte bhi issi hath se ho? Khana bhi issi hath se khate ho? Dhote bhi issi hath se ho?

    59. Mohit Garg

      you should teach her to do from both hands!! on a serious note

    60. Dhanush Rawal

      Right hand

    61. trending samurai

      6:51 when u throw it sodium nd potassium react with each other then this reaction is occur Thats why it didn't make sound when u throw single part of it.


      Left se bhi sahi but when kuch write krte jate ho ink fhel jati h so tell her to use right hand to write choice is ur 👍🏼 DUA O MAIN YAAD RAKHNA ❤️

    63. THE FUN CLAN

      That was Seth Rollins t - shirt

    64. Nitin Rao Chandavar

      Let Rashu decide which hand she is comfortable with while doing anything. My daughter uses both her hands for doing her works. She writes in left, but does other work with her right hand !!

    65. ZACH

      nahi yaar righty hi bano rashi ko gayatree panda bakwas mat kar

    66. Yugam Upadhyay

      Sir jo left hand se likhte h vo age jake jayada intelligent hote h

    67. Zaara Vlogs

      Please stop making difference between right and left hand. If she is capable enough to use both the hands.....WHY NOT SHE USING HER BOTH HANDS EQUALLY.......there are very rare people in the world who uses their both hands and they are extremely talented.

    68. Rajat Tyagi

      I am lefty , I used to threw pencil when my teacher used to make my write by Right hand

    69. Swati Sharma

      Let her use left hand please...

    70. Shivam Rungta

      Sir you like WWE and u watch it

    71. surbhi Singh

      Don't force or tell her...these things are let her use the one she prefers herself! Ps:lefties have both the side of brain much more used than those who use right hand😉

    72. Bambardekar Vedant Vinay Vinita

      She is as good as virus from 3idiots

    73. Everyday JavaScript

      You'll realise her strong hand in some time.

    74. Swayam Samal

      Bro Im lefty, and my mom tells me dat when I was a child, I always preferred my left hand for doing things over my right hand. So let rashi use the hand in which she is more comfortable with👍

    75. Whitepool

      Right hand because you need to make both the hands powerful enough

    76. Gothhwal Kanishhk

      bhai nhi lefti nhi righty karwao bhot dikkat hogi future mein

    77. Broken_ YT


    78. Pushpendra Singh Tomar

      STEAM IS NOT GOOD FOR BRAIN.... n also not so beneficial in cold pls avoid it to hamaree gudiya raani

    79. Golden Ideas

      💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 so cute.... 👇 Like me😊😊😃😃

    80. Pushpendra Singh Tomar

      Hi mr. Jindabad, i am biggest fan of u both n 1st of all i must tell u that u r the first reel or real hero or heroin of my life jiska me fan bana, kya cheez ho aap dono yaar👌 i mean magnificent aap dono ki life ka each n every corner commendable aur exemplary hai yaar. Pata hai, aeisa lagta hai jaise apki life k jaisee bhi meri life hai, matlb apko dekhta hu to lagta hai jaise meri kahanee chall ree hai. Mene bhi job chhor dee kuchh apke jaisa hi reason tha, wife working hai. Etc... Anyway To ye to huyi tareef jo kafi dino se mere andar bhari hui thee to mene udel dee.... Ab apka sawal.... Mere bhi do bete hai Aadi n shashwat Adi is elderone (class -v) n he is propper left handed kid, Wao hawan bhi krega to left se hi kalawa bhi bandhawayega to left me, khayega to left, n we never forced him to do things by right hand like my younger brother, my younger jo ek semi left handed man hai jaise bowling left se batting right se, likhna right se aur kuchh kuchh kaam left se, power unke left hand me jyada hai, aeisa un logo k sath hota hai jo left se rt hand banaye jaate hain,... So my request is that let's rashbhari gudiya rani allowed to do on her own...her both hand r pious.... Aur haan me bhi LLB kr raha hu, 1st year to corona ne pass kra diya bina exam k, ab 2nd year ..... ,😂😂 Stay blessed yaar, n we pray to god to see u in cockpit back... Wao jagah apke liye hi banee hai....🙏

    81. Shiv Pratap Singh Rajawat

      Sir i am a medico. and i would like to tell you that , please don't tell her from which hand she should write or paint/ colour. Let her do with her own . Her brain will itself get the best hand to work with....... It will be best for her

    82. aditi babar

      me bhi leftie hu. and mera handwriting bhi acha he so agar rashabhari left hand se acha likh pati he to ise left hand se hi sikhana chhiye.

    83. Shivaka Gamer

      Bhaiya mera bhai bhi bachpan me left hand se likhna chalu kiya tha but usko right hand se bhi likhne ko kaha mom ne bohot danta bhi gaya and kuch months baad usko interest aagaya to wo aaj dono hand se likh sakta hai

    84. UP Style my food Aarti family vlogs

      Very nice 👌👌. Please support my channel please friends subscribe 🙏❣️😭😭🙏🙏 जब आप लोग एक फैमिली को अपना प्यार दे सकते हो तो में भी आपकी फ़ैमिली हूँ आप लोगो का भी आशीर्वाद चाहिए ताकि मैं अपने कुछ sapno को पंख दे सको मुझे भी आप लोग अपना प्यार और आशीर्वाद दिजीये प्लीज् में बहुत गरीब हूँ बीमार भी रहती हूं कुछ सपने पूरे करने है मुझे मेरी ज़िन्दगी में थोड़ी सी तो ज़िन्दगी है मेरी कोई जरिया नही बना सपने पूरे करने में तो एक कोशिश में खुद कर रही हूं please help mi please

    85. Nazreen Qureshi

      2:16 mujhe bhi ye hi tym pasand h😀

    86. Ganesh Rakh

      Left handed person have strong photographic memory but they lack in time management and mathematics

    87. Pallavi Patel

      Kairatopa is ambidextrous, I am and I can see , encourage her to use both hands as she will improve and thats soooo beneficial as she will be the best young blogger before she turns 5

    88. Kabipriya Dutta Mazumder

      Let her use whichever hand she is comfortable using. You should never force a kid to write with the right hand if they prefer the left. It has an effect on their nervous system that results in other problems like stammering.

    89. Ammar Khan

      Maybe her left side is more dominant then right since when she goes down the stairs she used the left leg more

    90. your entertainer Rooh

      Please don't use that steam machine.It's a request.

    91. Iron Kyle

      4:05 Banda flying beast kyu na ho , biwi ke saamne kisiki nhi chalti dude ...............

    92. Karan Hinduja

      If rashi is using her both of hand than she is a special one let her use boath of the hands

    93. Abdul Mannan Siddiqui

      I am lefty

    94. Khushi pandit

      Everyone should watch this at 2:28 horrible🤣😂🤣


      5:40 ashique 15 max pro 😂😂

    96. BeastBoyShub

      Rashi ko left kr do

    97. Nikhil Minz

      🙏Notice please👀 ------------------------------------------------ 1:01 rashu lifting a bucket of water please don't let her to life a weight because it can effect on her spine or back problem still rashu is very small girl 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 .

    98. helping hand

      Sir.i need ur help..plz reply me

    99. muskan gupta

      Tell her to write with right

    100. Hiker Prism

      Gaurav Taneja top comment on badshah sun burn foto amazing more like then everyone 🤣🤣