Rashi's Mundan Ceremony

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    Vlog # 231
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    Rashi's Mundan. everything went smooth with all your blessings.

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    1. Flying Beast

      Finally Rashu's Mundan done. also check out CRED app.cred.club/k63y/FlyingBeast

      1. Pallavi Bhuta

        when i had my mundan i didn't cry, my brother cried

      2. Demon King FF

        @Piyush Sharma bhai mera channel pls dekho I have see your channel its so good u subscribed it

      3. James Wilulu

        Plz use mask

      4. Aisha Girach

        @Game master who is aadi

      5. Aisha Girach

        Who is aadi

    2. Kanu Tiwari

      Lovely rashu❤️

    3. 2KL Siblings

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    4. Shubham Kumar Das

      Blessings for Rashbhari 🙌

    5. Mishti Sawant

      07:04 😂😂 taklu log 😂😂❤❤❤

    6. Kesariya Bhartiya

      Badi shareef bacchi h.... God bless

    7. Study with Sanyukta

      Meri beti bhi rashu jaisi dikhti hai par we r not famous as Taneja family ukup.info/loft/bMfRg3yJmWaekZc/v-deo.html

    8. EYEball


    9. Ritik Yadav


    10. Harsh Khemani

      Bhai yeh delhi mein hi chootiya bana rahe hai kya covid ke naam ka... Kanpur chalo

    11. Preeti Khullar kundra


    12. Tahsin Hussain

      So why do u have to take her nice hair off?

    13. pranjal deshmukh

      God bless

    14. Palak Shah

      Rashu is so patient

    15. sanju Mandal

      Awesome video. Jai shree ram..

    16. Harshad Naik

      😆😆imagine she's watching it when she'll grow up 😁😁

    17. Qazi Ikramuddin


    18. anand Hatti

      Kya wo blade job mundan ke liye use kiya wo new tha? You should take care

    19. randam drum

      God bless this sweet girl rashu❤️

    20. Priyanshu Singh

      rashi honey singh bani hui h

    21. Ritu Nautiyal

      Lovely😘😘😘❤👌👌👌👌 Also check out.... Uttrakhand...Yahn hoti hai har manokamna puri maa hariyali ka mandir ukup.info/loft/rdO3eWh8sGacpWA/v-deo.html🙏🙏🙏🥰

    22. Meme Tech Person

      When I was small I cry in mundan rashu is strong And god bless you rashu

    23. Aamir Hoda

      7:03 Takle logo ko vlogging nhi milti 😅😂😂

    24. Ayan Shammi and Life


    25. Dev vairagi

      Awsome 😘

    26. Siddharth Nainani

      1:25 mask kaha hai

    27. Harshit kakkar


    28. Bikash Pradhan

      Sir the music you have put during the time of mundan. That is flute tune.... which one is that ? Can you help me to find it

    29. Charanpreet Singh


    30. Chootu bhai

      What type of stupid belief is this... India can't compete with other countries Rennainsese is needed in up... Kerala sreenayaguru...gave light to people... Up when get from this

    31. vishakha patil

      It was heartbreaking

    32. Naina Chauhan

      So cute rashu god bless you baby love you so much 😋😍😍😍😘

    33. Priyansh Gurlani


    34. Priyansh Gurlani


    35. Priyansh Gurlani


    36. Priyansh Gurlani


    37. Priyansh Gurlani


    38. Aimen noon

      Can someone explain why did they shave her hair off?

    39. shri jain

      Love ❤ you rashu beta Jeeti raho 🙏 mahesha khush raho sadh budhi ki prapti ho 😘

    40. Pratiksha Shitole

      Taklu re Taklu o mera taklu

    41. Ayan goyal

      God bless Rashi ☺️


      Rashu to gaurav bhaiya - mere baal lalooo Gaurav bhaiya to rashu - mau le gay

    43. Determine Engineer

      me to ghar me adi ko hi dekh rha

    44. Vikrant Singh Kushwah

      Happy Birthday ma'am ♥️

    45. K Chaudhary

      U r phoghat ????.

    46. K Chaudhary

      Corona...covid. Sortout

    47. Deepti Bisht

      Mundan ceremony of girl 🤔

    48. simran kaur

      God bless u rasbhari

    49. 36-41-ahsanul islam

      She looks more cute with her hair. Why u guys cut her hair?,😔😔😔

      1. Vinayak Singh

        Its a ritual bro

    50. Jyoti Bhardwaj

      God bless uh all...


      The last video with her malinga hairstyle ❤ But she looks cute anyway😍❤

    52. Falcon Gaming

      Gaurav sir i wanna ask that ki kya ladkiyo ka mundan bhi hota hai Means i am not discriminating. I just wanna ask as i am from uttrakhand a pure garhwali so in our house i have done my mundan and all my brothers mondan is done but my sisters didnt have mundan so i just wanna ask that do girls also do their mundan And lots of ashirvaad to rashu she is a damn precious girl i love her so much and lots of love from uttrakhand Sir please once visit badrinath and kedarnath i wanna meet you soon please sir and mam

    53. Nohar PSC

      As a great influencer please don't promot superstitions. Please wear mask during social.

    54. 8C 31 Yowin Kinger

      Give respect to the kid who is doing mundan in the age of 2 years but she is very cute😘😘😘

    55. Bijoy Bunty Saha

      She is very cute 🥰🥰

    56. ram kaushik

      Rashu looking good after mundan

    57. Sonali sophie Bilung

      I love the appearance of adi ❤️

    58. Dhruv Makwana


      1. Dhruv Makwana


    59. U.T Gamer

      Rashi is so so cute 😃


      God bless rashuu🤗💕

    61. Budgies parrot Official

      Itna pyara ball tha

    62. Emily

      Chiklu bana Taklu😑

    63. Valliappan1978 Anil

      May God bless Rasbhari always.

    64. Parul Kaushal

      Was missing my daughter today in hospital.. just watched this video. God bless Rashi🙏

    65. Tushar Verma

      *BKL comment section m choodiyan todna bnd kro gyanduo, shadi m khana mask lga k khayenge kya chumtiyo ??*

    66. Tushar Verma

      *My parents took me to Maa Mansa Devi Mandir (Chandigarh) for my Mundan 😍. Plz comment yours too! 😀✨*

    67. Shubham Srivastwa

      Love you sir 🙏

    68. ankita देसी world

      Rashu aap log s jada double naam rosan kare.😘god bless u rashu.

    69. Arnab Mandal

      No mask 😢

    70. Yogya tiwari

      Apne kanpur ki to bat hi alg h.... sir aap mere ghr se bs ittu sa door the..... bhut khushi hoti h ki aap mere area se hi belong krte ho😄😄😄

    71. Pranav Kumar

      Why arent they wearing masks🤨

    72. Rockstar GaminG

      You are educated but still you are doing that with rashi

    73. Aryan Dalal

      it’s very sad to see that no one is wearing mask

    74. Rinki Nutan Toppo

      Humare tribal community mein mundan mein huge party hota .... villagers bina non veg aur alcohol khaye bina bless nai krte .... Shadi mein kitna kharch uska 50% kharch hota mundan mein

    75. Sania Shabir

      Lub ew rashgulaaaaaa

    76. KALPESH 04

      Love u ❤️

    77. SaurabhAru Moments

      Just love her so much 😘 her talking is just awesome I and this family is too loving 💖

    78. Sourabh Nagda

      6:15 😘😍😍😍😍 so cute

    79. Apoorv Shrivastava

      6:35 bina bole hi hamesha prayers usk sath h chiklu k

    80. pramod mishra

      God bless u Rashi beta

    81. Amar Ojha

      Pinni chaie mujhe bhi

    82. pramod mishra

      Rashi is a brave girl........ bilkul nhi royi

    83. pragyan Sarmah


    84. Priti Chandaliya

      Jai mata dii 🙏Rashu

    85. Shrikant Kale

      Sorry to say but somewhere I felt it's Orthodox thoughts....



    87. Ice Bear

      Ice bear wants his own Mundan Ceremony * realizes has no head hair*

    88. Jashandeep Sandhu

      After the video rashi’s dad “I like ur cut g” 👋👋

    89. Gulshan Soni

      Rashu hamesha khush rahe

    90. Tanishq A.K.57 Tiranga

      Rashi जीती रहो बहुत लम्बी उम्र हो आपकी


      she didn't cried brave girl

    92. suhani Agarwal

      Love u rashu

    93. Asher Ali

      Sorry for asking, but is there not any covid restrictions here in India? From this vlog it´s seems like nobody is caring for the virus. I am from Norway, which is a lot smaller country, and here people are using mask all over the place. Just wondering how is the situation there now in India

    94. mithun tambe

      आपका एन्जॉय व्हिडिओ अच्छा लगता है

    95. Naruto Uzamaki

      Takli ladki

    96. Suman Lata

      God bless your sweet rashbari Mu ba lalal

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    98. Sahil Verma

      God Bless uu always our cutipieee Rashu...😚😘😘😘😘😘

    99. Prasoon

      Pura vlog mei ek admi bhee mask nahi phena hai...

    100. Prathamesh Jire

      Bless you Rashu