AirAsia Played Foul Again !! (With Proof) !!

Flying Beast

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    not surprised at all with the airlines behaviour, and the way they treat govt of India's notices. An airline who does not follow Govt orders. doont expect them to follow any safety orders too.
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    1. Flying Beast

      Airasia- we don't have safety standards Passengers - koi nahi, seh lenge thoda.. serious note- if an organisation does not respect Govt orders, how do you expect them to choose safety over profits.

      1. Mehul Lakhanpal

        @Flying Beast hi sirrrr plz reply or give heart plz sir big fan from himachal

      2. joy dasgupta

        Exactly said.

      3. Tanishq Narang

        yaar mene airasia ki hi krwai h kis cheezko peke saftey nhi h

      4. Syv Op

        @Syv Op

      5. 7072700

        On one side you are standing for the truth and on the other side, at 03:05 you are accusing something fraud without doing the due diligence. You have the followers so pls be careful about your opinion where you could be misguiding others. I know commented on off-topic but thought you should be more careful about your comments when you have high views and followers.

    2. sanju

      Sir with uu

    3. sohel parvez

      Top corrupted country i am living now.... Chhihh

    4. Kirtianand Sharma

      Word power made easy 😂

    5. Saurabh Agarwal

      Request you to stop talking about Air Asia n case till everything comes to an end....once you can create a whole series....but please don't speak now

    6. Mansuri Mohammad Ayaz

      Sir do you play DCS / Microsoft Simulator ? Your setup seems like that for a flight simulator

    7. Raj D

      Hat's off to you Brother. You fought for us, you saved a lot of lives. Please let me know if I can do something for you. 👍👍👍💖💖💖

    8. the real gamer of hindustan jai hind

      Sir why you got suspended? Kick their ass who suspended you for standing with safety policy. Air Asia is becoming extra. They are selfish by saving 8kilo petrol instead of looking at safety. Gaurav sir. You did right by standing against them on the safety bases and I wish I can kick their ass. For such stupidity. Sir you should join etihad Airways. The best Airways in the world.

    9. Sushmit Goyal

      2:56 gaurav's scooters total distance covered

    10. Arnav Malhotra

      I just came here to see rashi's Malinga hair

    11. Vikrant Singh Kushwah

      Happy Birthday ma'am ♥️

    12. Uttama Panda

      Tum kitna ve ungli kar lo air aisa ka kuch hone bala nahi 😂😂

    13. Tushar Verma

      *Abba :- Flying Beast* *Harmonium :- Scammer Air Asia*

    14. Tushar Verma

      *Rashu's 'Ram Ram' & 'Jai Mata Di' is my stress buster ✨😍.. God bless her 🤗*

    15. Randhir Verma

      Sir ye meri fvt movie h..Aisa ne bole 😂

    16. Meet patel

      I would like know about your case .

    17. Destined Tarot

      I want to know the whole case. and now m afraid of traveling in air Asia too..

    18. Simp Slayer

      Gaurav Taneja for CJI of India......

    19. prabhat raj

      Bade Bhai please scooty change kr do

    20. Srinjoy Kumar Mondal

      Fighting beast

    21. Siddhant Bagat

      Ek video bnao case pe

    22. Things Creazy

      Sir your doughter will be a successful vlogger oneday

    23. Sanjeev Sharma

      Galti logo or airasi ki barabar h kyuki jo kam gaurav kar rahe h bo sabko objection karna chiye tha janta pagal h

    24. Shivankur Mittal

      Gaurav sir I may be wrong but Baba ka Dhaba wale case mie I think Gaurav Wasan bhai theek hain...mujhe yoh Baba ill informed lag rha hai. Woh wasan bhai sab jagah poora apna bank statwmwnt leke ghoom rahe hain. Aur unke video se toh inki dukaan pe itni bheed ayi.

    25. hari shankar shukla

      Discussion on judge cn happen in parliament when his/ her impeachment process going on

    26. Reetikesh Ulvekar

      Bhai ek puri viedo banav aape casee ke

    27. दिल शायराना

      Air asia ki maa ki chutt sorry gaurav bhai galiya dena psnd nahi hai but kya kru rok nahi paya khud ko

    28. Anupam singh rajput

      Bhai aap apna next step Air Asia ke taraf jo uthane waale hon wo aap pehle hi vlog meh mat batao..hone ke baad batao. Otherwise they will be correct it and might prove you wrong.

    29. Mohib Rahman

      bhai baba jhoot bol raha hai harami.


      Watching your videos since last 3years today rasbhari forced me to subscribe flying beast

    31. aftab khan

      Well ye bhai Sasti Fam pana chahta tha Apni audience de thora Bhare company pe controversy bana kay but Bacha Apni job kho beta

      1. 003 Het Patel

        Kabhi suna Company pe controversy?...yeh galat hota toh jail hoti isko...vese yeh bhai pehle se famous the 3 million subs

    32. Grow Your Knowledge

      I am pursuing for chartered accountancy and mera bhi mann hai CA complete krne ke baad LLb krne ka.... phele 50-50 mood tha LLB ka but ab dhire dhire fir se pura pura mood ban raha h mera bhi

    33. Darpan Barje

      Air Asia ne agar galti except kar liya hota to passengers respect karte aur clean chit dete but ego bhi koi chiz hai

      1. 003 Het Patel

        vahi toh aur Gaurav sir khud promotion karte aapne channel pe but kya kare marketing team bhi pagal lagti hai un logo ki

    34. Jagadish Jena

      Bhai aap hamesa last ne kick rekhte h na. And we love it.

    35. Xman Unlimited

      First of all if you are not happy with airasia then just leave . But leach like you want to take all benefits but don’t work honestly. Airasia is not a small airline . It has partner airlines all over asean , China , Japan , India Taiwan etc. No other country pilot has been so bitchy. Tony Farnandis should sue you so that you come to road . Buy now you must have been blacklisted by Malaysian immigration so that you can’t enter in Malaysia. You keep making UKup video because your pilot career has finished.

    36. MR. Bhamla

      Gaurav you look like uday chopda hahaha

    37. vinish shetty

      Please don't make any comments or videos till case is resolved in Court, AirAsia can and will file defamation at the same time court can hold you under contempt(once the matter is in court its the decision of the court to decide who is wrong)...Just relax and let it play out, No need to share the proofs you have in public produce it in court its better not to let your oponents know your move....

    38. Ankit Srivastava

      Bhai Delhi me road ki condition bahut kharab hain..sab road 2014 ke time ki hai

    39. Sohini Chatterjee

      Ritu ma'am looks so good in her uniform 😍❤

    40. Technical Gibbon

      03:05 Sir ab to scuti ka miror laga lo😂

    41. Chaitanya Mondhe

      Boycott Air Asia 🏴

    42. Himanshu Borse

      Never flying airasia again.... 👍

    43. Gold GFX

      Change your name to landing beast.

    44. Sangey Wangchu

      We really appreciate your effort brother.. Helped us a lot to choose a service.. In a way , you are securing a whole new bar to the aircraft system...🙏🙏 What a really inspire us to grow..👍👍

    45. You Tuße

      Gobarzone sara paisa kha gya,baba ka dhaba se

    46. simendra kumar

      When you shoot videos while riding scooter use Insta360 camera or GoPro max, mounted on middle of scooter handle. It will take 360 degree view both front road and your face. Later on editing you can show road and your face intermittently. Seeling only road is boring. When you talk we need to see your face. I recommend Insta360 one R. I think you already have this camera. I have seen disappearing selfie stick in some of the vlogs . Just use that in scooter and car shots

    47. Gideon Narzy

      Cutest family

    48. naman kathuria

      AirAsia is the best......kindly check ur facts

    49. Atharva Kalbande

      0:55 i also do same to my papa😂❤️

    50. Ranjak Bhola

      Yes sir explan plz

    51. Abhishek Pande

      Air Asia maafi maang.

      1. Akku jelly Vloger

        😾😤 right 😠

    52. cook master

      WELCOME TO INDIA'S INJUSTICE SYSTEM - We guarantee to Deliver Injustice based on our Judicial Principles.

    53. Tanmay Juneja

      Full support hai Gaurav bhai 😊🥳🥳🥳


      Bhaiya @Flyingbeast bhai activa lelo plss. 😅😅

    55. Dhruvi Pithadia

      7:6 you are looking like gresli from we bare bears🐻😂🤣

    56. Maulik Parekh

      Please join politics - as per your ideology.

    57. TechOxyde

      I am from Bangladesh.For ur video, I will cancel my pre booked AirAsia ticket to Malaysia.😀Tnq.

    58. Gyanaranjan Tripathy

      Boycott AIR Asia

    59. sunny sejwar

      Ritu mam so emotional mother nice to see you all. 🤗🙏

    60. sachin manoj kumar

      Hats off to Gaurav taneja who put his passion aside for safety, safety must be given no 1 priority

    61. Suresh SN

      Use less vedios

    62. Driving In India

      Please sir do make a video on whole Air Asia Story of Lawsuit

    63. Akash Agarwal

      I got a Air Asia flight cheaper by nearly 8% to the next in line, yet I didn’t book Air Asia and won’t ever.

    64. abhay Kumar

      Kya bakwaas hai be starting me

    65. Vatsal Shah

      A whole explanation of the legal case will be much needed!!

    66. Siddhant Nandi

      never expected a tata company doing so😅

    67. Ashutosh Sharma

      Respect and support to you 🙏

    68. Abhineet Arvind

      Gaurav sir, I assume the compensation was sought by accusing defamation u/s 499 IPC by the prosecution. However, all your statements where corroborated (even if not conclusively) by the DGCA. This in itself is sufficient to counter and do away with any prima facie case of defamation against you. More power to you Beast!

      1. 003 Het Patel

        What about his illegal suspension? Company definately would not have written "We suspended you bcz u raised issues" .They must have given other reasons.How will he prove his iilegal suspension? What will be the penalty against them?

    69. dhiraj Kumar

      Air asia me kitne log kaam karte honge please unke ghar mat bigado

      1. 003 Het Patel

        Top management ko hi padi nahi toh kyare ?....Regulator ko toh ankh bandh karke bethna hai...toh safety kon dekhega...Vese yeh jo info bheji hai voh andar k aadmi ne hi bhej hai....Means dusre employees ko bhi takleef hai.

    70. aman chaudhary

      You never the comments. The judicial system is under a bad govt right now.

    71. Alok kumar

      Just one thing.. parliament court ke faisla ko badal skti hai jai shahbano case me hua tha... State government case ko khtam kr skta hai chahe kitni bari v charges ho.. eg- phoolan devi ke saare charges up government ne wapas le liye the... Aur bahut aise case hai... Legislature ke paas bahut power hota hai india me...

    72. reepan Kaushal

      Aaajkall judges v bik jate hei janab

    73. yamin Afruj

      Arra rashu tu bohot badi hoo gai 😊😊

    74. Shibnath Das

      track at the end of the vlog ?


      Just saw in Instagram about ur pilot things, sorry to hear about it n I hope n pray u get justice n lord Buddha bless u n ur wife n ur beautiful kid ..

    76. Zorda GaminG

      Fun Fact- everyone is watching and reading comments ... Also support my channel

    77. Prasenjit Chakraborty

      No words to describe this man.... Explaining us the real meaning to integrity and democratic rights of every India.... 🙏🙏❤️❤️ Lots of love and strength to Capt. and his family...

    78. Pankaj Kumar

      Bhai tune tau soch rakha hai ki air Asia airlines ko bar baad kar ke rakhu gaa.

    79. Aviator Brij

      Bhai point pe aa jaya kar jaldi . Teri family life nahi dekhni . I played this video because of air asia

    80. udit saxena

      bhai tu join krle yaar , pls flying beast hi achaa hain

    81. Binee Z

      What when Flying beast you are going to get a job?

    82. subi samuel

      Captain we want to know the latest status of ur case against air asia

    83. sudeep sengupta


    84. NK Creative

      Sir do you miss cokpit?

    85. linganagouda patil

      Today my festival I m welcoming u heartly happy kannada rajyotsava..., 💛❤️ from country india district raichur taluk maski love u

    86. Indian MobileTech

      Whenever i see rashbhari. My mind: Aata daal sabzi..😂

    87. Savio M

      sir with the following u have on youtube and insta combined.. im sure.. air asia must be in a bigggg loss !!

      1. 003 Het Patel

        Well they promoted their on flight services through his channel when he joined first ..So this is fair game ;)

    88. Savio M

      who else was expecting Gaurav bhai to lift his finger even fr one second :P .. at 5:41 .. obviously that will never happen even in a 100 yrs.


      so cute

    90. Savio M

      comeeeee onn gaurav bhai.. fighting fr one cup.. im sure (maybe) that cup is available in delhi.. plzz dont fight fr one :P

    91. Tech Bengali

      যারা এখন পর্যন্ত বুঝে উঠতে পারছোনা🤔 কিভাবে pubg খেলবে তাদের জন্য আমি আমার youtube চ্যানেলে কাল বিকাল 5:30 এ একটা ভিডিও আপলোড করবো... ওই ভিডিও টা দেখে নিও... তাহলে আসা করছি তোমরাও খেলতে পারবে... আর আমার চ্যানেলের লিঙ্কটা দিয়ে দিলাম👇

    92. Amit Kumar Sarkar

      I had some bad experience with air asia too,me and my friend booked tickets together and in the check in counter they told they can't get us seats together,if we want seats together we have to pay some extra.I mean if you can get us seats together then why it's possible only after paying and not without it?

    93. Cricket 24 Bangladesh

      Love you beast❤️love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    94. Robin1047

      Being a Lawyer I strongly recommend to not make a media trial of this case, any pre judicial statement by you may make their argument strong or may lead you somehow into a defamation suit. just tell people what happened just share the inquiry or trial process don't encourage anyone to comment about a judicial process. We want you to succeed just be very cautious WITH YOU ALWAYS LOTS OF LOVE

    95. Vijay Chauhan

      We are with you bhaiya🤗

    96. Mera bharat Mahan

      Brother join Indian airforce. They need solid pilots like u r good self

    97. एक भारतीय AN INDIAN

      Privatisation ke yahi natije niklengey Gaurav bhai... kyonki private companies ney government ko kharida hai aur government ney systems ko kharida hai.... eisliye koi bhi system unn logonka kuchh bhi ukhaad nahi sakti.... eisiliye wo log kisi ki nahi maan rahey hain.... DESH BIKEGA TOH SABHI JAGAH YAHI TOH HOGA...

    98. Pratheek Mendonca

      I don't think they will hire you again. That's how company's run. They don't give a f about you wheather your right or wrong.

    99. saurabh singh proud indian

      Only few private companies who do ethical work rest other focus first on profit baki sb bhad me jaye..

    100. R mahesh

      Hats off bhai kudos